Feeling Exercise 'Resistance'?

Exercise Entreat


We all know we need to get regular exercise, so why don't we? There are many reasons people resist starting that class or doing that hike and it doesn’t matter how many times you promise yourself 'tomorrow is the day', without understanding why you have this resistance, the pattern could go on for many years. Movement has so many benefits and if you can identify and understand why and where you may be getting stuck, then you're well on your way to overcoming it.

It's important to set goals and schedule time around building better habits (you can check out our goal setting blog here for tips) but this is more about the inner stories we tell ourselves and especially about what we fear! For most everybody, there is a fear of judgment, what will others think of us? There is a fear of failure - am I going to be judged if I can't do it? Am I going to fail or look silly? As we age there is an increasing fear of injury and an instinctual fear of change; anything new is a little scary. All these unknown elements cause people to not want to engage at all and often underlie long term yo-yo type habits of  exercising.

It's important to acknowledge that we are living amongst a fitness culture that is often not representative of all body types, ages, sizes and abilities. Maybe you don't look like the person in the gym promo ad or the yoga studio instagram post. Maybe you tried something once and weren't able to keep up, so you gave up and never went back or maybe you pushed yourself beyond your limit and got injured. Maybe you've got an awful memory of being a kid and being left out, of not being the 'sporty type'.

All of these negative experiences get filed in the back of our brains and impact the choices we make today. When you think, I'd like to try that or someone says do you want to join this? Have you got an excuse for it? No I can't, I don't have time, I can't afford that, I don't think so you know hiking is not really my thing... This is just an attempt to protect yourself from your fears and the unknown which is completely understandable. Imagine a child nervous starting at a new school, we'd show them kindness and compassion with gentle encouragement. Yet as adults we often neglect to show this to ourselves and we get stuck in old stories that are no longer serving us. Know though that we are the author of our own stories and we have the power to rewrite them whenever and however we like. Join that walking group; try that class; check-out a few different gyms and see which one you like better; find an experienced trainer that will meet you where you are and cater to your needs.

If you are finding old stories and patterns like this are holding you back; reach out and book a personal coaching session and be supported to get out there and live an active and full life; to be your most powerful loving self.


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