Rose Quartz Gemstone Crystal Heart

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This is a piece of rose quartz carved into a small heart shape. 

Rose Quartz is said to support the heart in all ways, easing emotional stress and bringing warmth and unconditional love to the system. Holding Rose Quartz may help with emotional stress and a piece placed under the pillow may help to improve quality of sleep.

This is also lovely to use as a 'gratitude rock'. A gratitude rock or gemstone is just a small rock that you can carry in your pocket or purse which you use to remember and express gratitude every time you touch it. So you can put the rock in your pocket of a morning and go through what you are thankful for and when you empty your pocket out at night and find the rock, or at anytime during the day when you need to take a moment, simply hold the rock and reflect on things that you are grateful for.

Dimensions: Rose quartz small gemstone heart approx 25mm x 25mm. All measurements are approximate and can vary slightly as each heart is hand carved. Please also note colouration may vary.